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  Faq Questions :-
Which are the lasers most widely used in ENT surgery?
The CO2 and diode lasers are presently the most widely used lasers in ENT surgery. We use the diode surgery for indication in the oral cavity and nose while the CO2 laser is used for surgeries in the throat( vocal cords and for snoring).
How is laser surgery useful in indications of E.N.T. surgery?
The surgical laser is used to give minimal thermal damage to the tissue. A laser beam is very precise and thus causes minimal trauma to the tissue. Due to this there is minimal tissue damage which gives less post surgery pain. The laser beam also seals small blood vessels as it cuts thus giving a dry field and a minimum of blood loss.
Which are the surgeries which are performed in E.N.T.?
Surgical laser is most widely used in the field of ENT surgery. Some indications include removal of tonsils, turbinate reduction, snoring, and surgeries for the vocal cord. Kindly refer to list of indications listed in the site.
Is there any harmful radiation due to the laser beam? Is it safe?
The laser beam used in ENT surgery is totally safe and emits no harmful radiation (like those emitted by x rays or atomic radiation.) The laser device is totally safe and the laser is used for surgeries in new born infants, children and pregnant women, too. It also has no adverse effect on patients with cardiac problems. Yes laser surgery is very safe.
Is the recovery faster?
The laser beam is a light scalpel. The post op pain is less and there is less scaring/ tissue damage thus giving better results. (Additionally, the red light used in lasers serves as a bio stimulation tool and there is extensive literature in its support)
Is there any diet restriction before or after the laser surgery?
The normal conditions which apply for traditional surgery are followed.
Can there be any tissue infection due to the laser beam ?
The CO2 laser beam is a no contact technique. Thus no chances of infection arise due to the laser beam. For contact lasers the fibers are made aseptic and no contamination can arise due to it.
Cochlear Implant training with Prof. Rob Briggs Royal Australian Hospital Melbourne.
Dr. Divya Prabhat

Wadia Children Hospital (Head ENT Dept)

Jaslok  Hospital

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Fortis- Raheja hospital
President :
Association of Otolaryngologists of India
(Mumbai 2000 - 2001)

Dr. Divya Prabhat

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Mumbai - 14, India.
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