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  ABOUT THE BOOK ( Diseases of ENT and Practical ENT ):-  
The book is an outstanding example of how to cope with the teaching requirement of our diversified specialty. The book will be an inspiration to many readers in India and else where.
- Prof. Dr. H. Stammberger
University ENT Hospital
The Book focuses on the major and important subjects of our speciality and has been written in a concise and easy to understand way. Enough information has been included that even residents and general practitioners will benefit from it.
- Prof. Dr. Jan Helms
Director – HNO Klinik.
Wurzburg, GERMANY.
It is an excellent compendium of operations, radiological diagnosis, surgical pathology, cases, instruments and medical preparations. The lists are a boon for those who are revising for the examinations and for practitioners who want to look up the various possibilities.
Indian Journal of Otolaryngology,
Vol. 43
One should appreciate the emergence of a new book written by a author who is very much a part of today’s action. The book should prove invaluable to undergraduate and postgraduate students. The clear line diagrams support the text splendidly.
- CIMS, Vol. 43
Unique book which is found to prove a boon for the undergraduate and postgraduate students. The scientific approach in this book is coupled with lucid explanations and offer the matter in an easily comprehendable form.
Indian Journal of Internal Medicine,
Vol. 2,
Cochlear Implant training with Prof. Rob Briggs Royal Australian Hospital Melbourne.
Dr. Divya Prabhat

Wadia Children Hospital (Head ENT Dept)

Jaslok  Hospital

Bhatia Hospital

Fortis- Raheja hospital
President :
Association of Otolaryngologists of India
(Mumbai 2000 - 2001)

Dr. Divya Prabhat

Asiad Bus Stand, Near Dadar T.T.,
Mumbai - 14, India.
Tel : 022-24183922 (for Appt.) / 24140055
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